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Red Idioms

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Red Idiom used for saying that someone immediately becomes pale because they are shocked or annoyed or or angry or feel embarrassed when the blood rushes to your face/cheeks

Pasang Iklan

Here are a few of the most popular red color idioms may to help you realize about red color meaning

1. Red as a lobster : a bad sun burn
She is red as a lobster, after a day at the beach

2. Red in the face : angry
My sister was red in the face after she found her car was stolen

3. Caught red handed : catch someone in the act
The kids got caught red handed with there hands in the cookie jar

4. Redneck : a farmer or someone from a small town in the mid-west
I am proud to be a redneck

5. The red carpet treatment : to give someone special treatment
The president of America gets the red carpet treatment

6. Not a red cent : no money
I do not have a red cent

7. Red eye : a early morning flight from New York to Los Angles
I am going to take the red eye on Thursday

8. Red herring : a negative clue to throw someone off track
I found out that that tip was just a red herring herring

9. Red hot : spicy food
That food was red hot, I can’t stop drinking water

10. Red hots : spicy little red candy
I love red hots.

11. Red tape : government bureaucracy
I have to go though so much red tape just to get my passport

12. Red meat : beef
The doctor told me not to eat a lot of red meat

13. To see red – to be angry
I saw red when I found out, I lost my keys

14. Roll out the red carpet – to give someone special treatment
What does she want me to roll out the red carpet

15. Paint the town red : have a great time, party
We panted the town red when I was on vacation

16. In the red : owe money
By the end of the week, I am always in the red

17. Red alert : a emergency situation
The fire department was put on red alert

18. Red blooded : a person that is pure something
I am a red blooded American girl

19. Out of the red : to have gotten out of money problems
I am so happy we are out of the red

20. Red ticket item : special item
That dress is a red ticket item

21. Red tag sale : special sale
I love it when stores have red tag sales.

22. Red light district : area with sex workers
There are a few red light districts in this city

23. Red in the face : cherry red : embarrassed
When fell on the stairs, I was red in the face

24. Red ass : young bitch girl
Got me looking red ass now

25. Catch someone red-handed : To catch a person doing something they were not supposed to be doing
We caught Jake and Julia red-handed. They were hugging and kissing even though they deny it (say it’s not true)

26. Red flag : Warning of a danger a sign that something is gone wrong
That person was acting really weird that was kind of a red flag to me, similarly ; all talk no action, always bumming money off of their friends

27. To be in the red : losing game, losing money
Damned 6 times this game play to be in the red or our company is in the red for the last quarter

Pasang Iklan

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