Green Idioms

Green Idiom used for saying that someone is inexperienced, jealous or got permission

Here are a few of the most popular red color idioms may to help you realize about red color meaning

1. The grass is always greener on the other side – the other side always looks better
When I was little I always wanted to live in a big house, now I live in a big house and I have to clean it all the time. The grass is always green on the other side.

2. Green with envy – jealous
I am green with envy, because my friend has a new car.

3. The green light – permission
My boss gave me the green light to start the project.

4. Green thumb – good with plants and gardening
I do not have a green thumb, all my plants died.

5. Green – someone that is new at something or someplace
That new guy is really green, he has no idea what to do.

6. Look green – looking sick
Your are looking really green. I think you should lie down.

7. Be green – be concerned about the environment
It is really important that everyone be as green as possible.

8. Greener pastures – a new place or activity
She’s giving up her job and moving on to pastures new.

9. Green-eyed monster – jealousy
I ‘d no idea you were so susceptible to the green-eyed monster.

10. To be green – inexperienced or Junior
You can tell that he’s never worked as a waiter before. He seems green. He doesn’t know what he is doing

12. Green Day – A day spent smoking weed, usually out of boredom.
Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool are also members of Green Day.

13. Green Player – good game player
yesterday i snooped the recent game dota of sumiya, there more green than in red man!

14. Green belt – An area of fields and trees around a town
Our city has a policy of increasing the green belt around it.

15. Green thumb/green finger – someone with a talent for gardening, having the ability to make plants grow
This garden used to look so beautiful when my mum lived here. She definitely had a green thumb. I wish I did too!

16. Greensickness Girl – was thought to be marriage or having children
My Girl Friend she is behaving as though she has greensickness

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