Duvet Day Phrases

The concept of the ‘Duvet Day’ started in most commonly in the United Kingdom and United States. Employees receive an allocation of days where if they do not want to go to work for any reason they can use a duvet day. The name is a reference to the item of bedding.
Put simply, a duvet day is a day in which one can phone in to work and take the day off with no questions asked and no obligation to have a ‘good reason’.

Duvet days were originally given to employees by UK company August One Communications in 1960s but the first recorded reference to it is in September 1996 when The Financial Times reported, and the idea has grown in popularity as some companies aim to address the changing work-life climate where people work longer hours. It can be stipulated formally in a contract of employment and is considered part of the remunerations package along with holiday allowance. The term has also since become used by people to reference taking a day off work for no normally accepted reason (such as mild sickness, grievance or holiday) even if they have no official duvet day entitlement with their employer.

In any reason positive impact, duvet days give your employees the opportunity to be honest. Inculcating a culture of honesty is crucial for any human resources department. Rather than giving your people to hone their excuse-making skills, afford them the respect of allowing them to honest. This will not only help the culture of your company, but also lets your employees know that you are human, too, and understand that sometimes people just need a day off. Not to mention the fact that a company which respects its employees in this manner is likely to garner their respect in turn. Then there’s the fact that duvet days are actually good for your staff. Healthy, happy staff are great for a company, and there’s nothing better for both health and happiness than a bit of free time every now and again. Stress is a major problem in the modern workplace, so allowing employees the odd free pass to go ahead and take a day away to relax and recharge really can bring tangible improvements to the overall health of your workforce. They’re likely to return refreshed, recharged, and twice as productive. Of course, not every workplace can offer this kind of benefit – we’re not all lucky enough to be able to pick up the slack at a moment’s notice because someone wants to hide in bed all day. However, if you can offer this kind of thing, the benefits are more than worth it.

Here some reason to make yourself love a duvet day xd :p

1. No getting dressed or showering
You can stay in your pyjamas all day or your pants if you like. No one can judge you, cause today isn’t a day for getting dressed.

2. Lazzy Cohere Cuddle
You’ve worked hard all week, you’ve hit the gym, socialised, done ten school runs and spring-cleaned the house. You deserve this day of hibernation. Some companies even list ‘duvet days’ alongside holidays as an employee benefit. Whether it’s the dog, cat, your other half or simply the feather duvet you’ve wrapped yourself in – the whole day is one big warm cuddle.

3. Technology free zone
All those cheesy reality shows you’ve series-linked and not got round to watching. Now is the time, you can get through an entire series of Breaking Bad, or even go classic with a series of Friends. You don’t have to reply to messages or answer the phone. You’re free of all social media ties – if you want, that is! Opportunities are endless.

4. Sleep talking
Even if you’re joined in duvet-deliciousness by your bestie or partner, it’s perfectably acceptable not to speak unless it’s to pass the Doritos. If you enjoy duvet day alone you can manage not to speak for a whole day, that amazing right!

5. Comfort food
Even if you’re on a diet, you’ve saved this day as your ‘treat day’. Whether it’s gorging on pizza, a curry or Chinese, snacking with your fit. But crisps and chocolate are a perfect duvet-day accompaniment. If there’s no crumbs or BBQ sauce on your duvet by the end of the day or you duved day failed.

6. Fuck up the weather
Raining outside? No problem. You’ve no intention of setting foot outside anyway. Sunny? Who cares! Shut the curtains. For today you are a vampire! Snuggle up with a hot drink and watch a film.

7. Timeless
It doesn’t matter what time it is. You’re having a day off from life – whether it’s breakfast, dinner, supper, teatime is irrelevant. All you’re doing is grazing and napping all day.

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